The Portfolio

EuroEyes GmbH, Germany
A leading European chain of eye surgery clinics

EuroEyes GmbH

EuroEyes is a leading group of laser eye clinics with operations in Germany and Denmark. Baigo Capital will back its organic growth and the acquisition of add-on targets. In 2008, EuroEyes has already acquired the majority in the alz Augenklinik Munich, incorporating the internationally recognised institute into the largest private clinic group for refractive surgery in Germany.

Vanguard AG, Germany
Hightech services to European hospitals

EuroEyes GmbH

Vanguard, the European market leader in the rapidly growing clinical outsourcing market, is a pioneer in process optimization, primarily in the field of sterilization of surgical instruments. Vanguard offers hospitals significant permanent cost savings, process efficiencies and quality improvements. Its rapidly growing customer base encompasses more than 1.500 hospitals in Europe.